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Koopman, H.M., Theunissen, N.C.M., Vogels, A.G.C., Zwinderman, A.H., Verloove-Vanhorick, S.P., & Wit, J.M. (1999). Health related quality of life of children with a chronic illness: Parent versus child report. Gedrag & Gezondheid, 27(1/2), 118-125.


This study evaluates the agreement between child and parent reports on children’s Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) in a sample of 416 Dutch children (8 to 15 years) with a chronic disease. Both children and their parents completed a 56 item questionnaire (TACQOL) with seven eight-item scales: physical complaints, motor functioning, autonomy, cognitive and social functioning, positive and negative emotions. The correlations between child and parent reports varied from -0.10 to 0.99 amongst the various chronic conditions. Children reported lower HRQoL on the physical complaints, motor functioning and positive emotions scales. Parents reported lower HRQoL on the social, and negative emotions scales. The child and the parent provide different information on HRQoL. Knowledge of both judgements seems necessary in the care of children with a chronic illness and their parents.


health related quality of life, proxy, children, parents, chronic illness

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