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Stoelhorst, G.M.S.J., Martens, S.E., Rijken, M., van-Zwieten, P.H.T., Hofmeier, I., Roggeveen, H.C.J., Mourad-Baars, P.E.C., Theunissen, N.C.M., Verrips, G.H., Fekkes, M., Koopman, H.M., Zwinderman, A.H., Wit, J.M., & Veen, S. on behalf of The Leiden follow-up project on prematurity(2003). Quality of life in 1 year old preterm infants born before 32 weeks of gestational age. In: Stoelhorst, G.M.S.J. Development, Quality of Life and behavior at 2 years of age in very preterm infants. Ph.D. Thesis Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands: Drukkerijencombinatie Stramproy Weers bv. ISBN: 90-9016712-9, p.27-43

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Objective: To determine the effect of prematurity (GA<32 weeks) on Health Status (HS) and Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) at the corrected age of 12 months in a regionally defined, prospective cohort study.
Methods: The Leiden Follow-Up Project on Prematurity (LFUPP) includes all liveborn infants of <32 weeks in 1996 and 1997 (n=266). HS and HRQoL were prospectively measured using the TNO-AZL-Preschool-Quality of Life-questionnaire (TAPQOL) (completed by the parents) which has 10 scales for children aged 1-1.5 years. The TAPQOL-data of 51 term born children drawn from "Well-Baby-Clinics" were used as reference.
Results: We analyzed 172 TAPQOL's (73%) of 236 survivors. Median HS- and HRQoL-scores were maximal in the stomach-, lungs-, skin-, positive mood and liveliness-scale. Compared with the reference group, HS and HRQoL-scores were significantly lower in the stomach-, eating disorders and lungs-scale. Comparison within the study-group showed that lower GA 923-28 wks), bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and abnormal neurological outcome at term and at 12 months corrected age were associated with significantly lower HS- and HRQoL-scores in one or more of the eating-related scales: stomach, appetite and eating-disorders.
Conclusions: The majority of the premature infants had maximal HS and HRQoL-scores in 5 out of 10 scales at 12 months of corrected age. The eating related scales were most frequently reported as being unsatisfactory, both in comparison with a term reference group and in infants of lower GA, infants with BPD and infants with neurological abnormalities.


very premature infants, health status, health related quality of life

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