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De-Ridder, D.T.D, Theunissen, N.C.M. (2003) De rol van ziektepercepties in therapietrouw bij hypertensie. Gedrag en Gezondheid, 31(4), 237-249

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This study examined the role of illness perceptions in adhering to medication and lifestyle prescriptions of patients with hypertension (n=232). It was hypothesized that the impact of illness perceptions (measured by the IPQ-R) would be mediated by medication perceptions and self-efficacy. Results show that a direct influence of illness perceptions on adherence was absent. Convincing evidence of an indirect influence of illness perceptions on adherence was also absent, although findings suggest that illness perceptions are related to perceptions of necessity of medication and worries about medication, which are in turn related to adherence. These findings are discussed in the context of problems associated with the measurement of both illness perceptions and adherence.


Illness perceptions, Adherence, Hypertension, Self-efficacy, Illness representations, Compliance, Lifestyle, Medication

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