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Purpose: The goal of this project is to gather relevant alternative educational concepts, to describe them, and to analyze their usefulness for the defense training organization. Therefore we investigated which (combinations of these) concepts, could improve the training process.

Method: In order to identify and to describe possible alternative educational concepts a literature study is performed. We identified concepts and described their most essential characteristics. Next, we presented the most important alternative educational concepts to RNLA training experts. These concepts are: cases based learning, problem-based learning, competency-based learning, on-the-job training, and the concept of the learning organization. The experts judged usefulness of the presented concepts as well as its possibilities for implementation.

Results: RNLA training experts judged all alternative educational concepts as useful and applicable. Each alternative educational concept needs specific requirements to be implemented effectively. Several concepts focus on requirements related to didactics: the content, and the focus on training (e.g., problem-based learning). Other concepts focus more on organization: the context and culture (e.g., learning organization). A third group focuses on technology: the physical or virtual way where the training is situated (e.g., e-learning and simulator based learning). Every concept implies a particular role of the learner and the coach / trainer.

Conclusions: When one starts to implement alternative educational concepts in practice, clear definitions of the selected alternative educational concepts should be used. A lack of agreement about definitions could hinder implementation.
Follow-up activities must focus at defining ideal (combinations of) alternative educational concepts. These 'new' formulated concepts could lead to training improvement, supporting reusability and effectiveness, and could support efficiency.


Dutch short description: Voor de krijgsmacht relevante onderwijsvernieuwingsconcepten zijn in kaart gebracht en beoordeeld op geschiktheid en implicaties, aan de hand van een systematische review en een validatie bij de KL


Alternative Educational Strategies, Concepts, Definitions, Effectiveness, Didactic, E-learning, , Literature review, On the Job Training, Problem Based Learning, Case Base Learning, Competency-based Learning, Learning organizations, Military

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Last updated on 12 February, 2015.