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Transfer of Training is the way trainees are able to perform what they have learned during training in their jobs. At the start of this project no ready to use method was available to assess transfer of training in real technical training situations. Therefore we developed a method to investigate what stakeholders (instructors, trainees and managers) do to enhance transfer of training. This method consists of a total of nine questionnaires (for each stakeholder one before, during and after training)and an instrument to assess task performance both during training and at the workplace. The results show that stakeholders vary in the way they support transfer of training. The data show that three ‘before training factors’ can positively influence transfer of training factors during training: Trainees prepare for training, trainers facilitate trainees to prepare for training, and managers propagate relevance, importance of training. The results consist of an approach to improve transfer of training. Follow-up activities must reveal the impact of these improvements on transfer of training. The research findings are presented to stakeholders on all organizational levels. Stakeholders recognized and under scribe the findings, and are willing to improve training effectiveness.

De Transfer of Training van de opleiding bepaalt hoe goed cursisten in staat zijn om in het werk toe te passen wat tijdens de opleiding is geleerd. Dit onderzoek richtte zich op het ontwikkelen en toepassen van een methode om de Transfer of Training in kaart te brengen. De resultaten geven aan hoe het met de Transfer is gesteld en welke verbeteringen kunnen worden aangebracht in opleiding en werk, om het effect van de opleiding op het werk te vergroten.


Transfer of training, technical training, questionnaires

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Last updated on 12 February, 2015.